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About The Organic View Radio Show “The Organic View Radio Show” is a unique, live, interactive, internet talk-radio show that features key leaders, innovators and educators who work within industries that involve organics, environment, politics, living green and sustainability. Host, June Stoyer, explores the background and mission of each guest. Questions are taken by the audience via Twitter [1], Skype, Facebook [2] and via email [3]. The complete archives are available at iTunes and every major podcasting provider.

The show is broadcast live at 12 pm, Eastern Standard Time, Monday-Thursday and has a global audience with over three million listeners and growing! Featured guests have included: Michael Potter, CEO of Eden Foods, Arran Stephens, CEO of Nature's Path, John Robbins, Trump Chicago, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Defenders Of Wildlife, Dr. Marla Spivak as well as hundreds of other industry leaders, scientists and experts.


Reaching the masses Would you like to reach the masses regarding organic, wildlife issues, beekeeping, gardening, or any other environmental issues? The Organic View Radio Show has a solid, educated audience that understands the perils facing our food, our wildlife and our environment. The show has been a tremendous success and appeals to so many groups. June Stoyer is the host and has been a life long educator in the NY and global markets for organic, composting, animal related issues, apiary, environmental causes and overall healthy living.

June has a done a tremendous job building a large, focused community comprised of people with chemical sensitivities, vegetarian and vegans, animal lovers, gardeners, bee keepers, the environmentally concerned and newcomers to a more health conscious lifestyle.

Social Media Impact: June Stoyer, is ranked in the top 98th% globally on twitter. Please follow her at @OrganicGuru or @JuneStoyer or @TheOrganicView.

Core Audience: Our core audience consists of professional people between the ages of 30-60. These groups primarily consist of gardeners, animal lovers, bee keepers, Christians, Patriots, mom-preneurs, vegans and consumers who simply want the truth about how the products they consume are produced. One of the wonderful features about the show is that if someone cannot catch the show live, our podcasts are available on all major podcast providers. Only through technology can we connect people around the globe and bring them together in one place at the same time!

We have packages available for all kinds of budgets. Please contact us via email [4]for further information about available opportunities. Thank you!